Offshore hook up procedure, installation

Finally winches shall be used for pretension of mooring wires and to achieve target coordinates. Aclearandsimpleestimating energy. So towing tugs shall be used every time when wire is pulled in through mooring winches and connected to chain stoppers.

On arrival to the field, two tugs are to be attached to opposite sides of buoy for positional purposes. SlideShare Explore Search You. Tugs General Requirements during mooring hook up. It often utilising a below ground level test pit and steel composite enclosed test cells. So that after connection vessel shall be able to weather vane around that point.

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Commissioning of Offshore Installations. During the Pre-Commissioning effort, there can be many activities completed during the onshore phase and then moved offshore for completion of the system check-out. The availability of beds offshore strictly limits the size of workforce which can be employed on hook-up work and, therefore, imposes a major constraint on the schedule. Mooring General Arrangement of the Hook-Up. An additional Installation vessel is required to support during the hook-up operations.

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Top end of pull through wire to be connected to the buoy hang-off hooks via Bow shackle. This avoids having to work around a finish to start on a system scenario, thus pushing the overall startup schedule past the desired outcome. Connection of lines will then follow in a diametrically opposite manner.


Consequently, there is likely to be intense corporate scrutiny and pressure for success. Mooring Chain Twist The installation shall minimize the twist of the mooring lines. Sheriff's Encyclopedic Dictionary of Applied Geophysics, online dating social events fourth edition.

Hotel- ships can be used to supplement the number of permanent platform beds but will substantially increase the manpower cost. Buoy to have two positioning vessels attached to buoy with sufficient capacity to hold the buoy in position for the installation environments. Satisfactory operation of power drives and brakes is to be demonstrated.

Vessel shall be aligned in the direction of each mooring wire for facilitating mooring wire tensioning. Rotating equipment, including specialized larger pumps, compressors, generators and engine driven equipment, are handled differently. The organization also allows for the commissioning of sub-systems within a system, without having to initiate work on the entire system.

  1. At the end of the mooring wire, A messenger line is attached to the socket.
  2. Ensure that the upper pull-through wire segment pre-rigged on buoy for the appropriate line number has its lower end free and hanging vertically down.
  3. The installation vessel shall be fitted with Anchor Handling systems.
  4. This could be at the Tree Manufacturers facilities or an external test house.
  5. The first line to be tensioned will be determined on site depending on the predominant environmental conditions.
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The team will be responsible for planning and supplying the critical support and leadership during this project phase. Mooring Line Retrieval and First Hang-off to Mooring Buoy This describes the tasks to retrieve the pre-laid moorings and transfer to the hang-offs on the buoy. Visibility Others can see my Clipboard.

  • Mooring Lines Pretensions The chain tension will be confirmed by a chain angle measurement gauge that will be fitted to each mooring chain outboard of the chain chutes.
  • Required commissioningoftemporariesdefinedasuniqueactivitieswith unique system numbers.
  • Air diver intervention will be required during the pull through to temporarily secure lines and for the final connections of the chain to the buoy.
  • First line to be connected will be the weather line.

The order in which the equipment will be mobilized will depend on port logistics and dockside layout. An additional Installation vessel is used to install the mooring lines. It is useful to use one system numberforall temporariesandsubdividethissystemnumber forvarioustemporary activities. So basic is that starting from inner most lines tugs shall work on next set of lines. Definition of commissioning of part systems is essential in order to achieve an early commissioning completion.

The Lead and Stern Tug sets back into a towing configuration in order to face the up-coming weather. At the end of this stage, all mooring lines are connected. It explains the methods applied for hook up.


For example if wind and current is coming from north, then approach shall also be towards north. This phase can best commence efficiently after all of the components are in place so that systems, rather than individual pieces, can be verified. Successfully reported this slideshow.

Upon conclusion of Mechanical Completion activities, a certificate should be issued stating that the relevant inspections and tests have been carried out according to the contract. Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. The history of drilling rig construction is littered with delayed deliveries, top 10 sex dating apps cost overruns and mishaps that undermine return on investment. Ordoyouwant todosomething in betweenthe two alternatives.


In this way, The line hook-up procedure would be repeated for next set of lines. First inner line of spread mooring system is recovered and the line hook-up procedure is followed. The programme shall specify systems and components to be tested, and the testing procedure. Buoys shall be prepositioned to give proper access to approaching vessel.

Calm/submerged buoy tow and hook-up
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Diver intervention will be required for temporary hang-off. Chain end is recovered and locked onto the installation vessel. The volume of hook-up and commissioning work is influenced by decisions taken during the earlier project phases. These Mooring lines also shall be re-adjusted to get the final pretensions.

In addition, the load bank test possibly prevented an expensive turbine failure after its installation of the gas platform at the seabed. It involves fabrication, assembly and non-functional testing to confirm the integrity of the construction and installation. The mooring wire shall be placed through the chain stopper open and stored into the chain chute. About us Contact us Help Terms of use. The buoy is to be pre-rigged with a pull through messenger line fed through the chain stopper mechanisms and secured in the buoy hang off hooks.


Commissioning & Maintenance

Log in to your subscription Username. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. The key will be to provide a conscious effort to close these gaps early within the project so as not to impact the planned start-up date. Retrieve mooring line end using the subsea or pennant buoy at the line end location.

You can change your ad preferences anytime. The leadership as well as team members should, therefore, be experienced with the planning, tasks, schedule and project drivers regarding start-up, flowers dating tips as well as its complexities. This paper describes a general approach to planning and control which is aimed at overcoming these problems.

N2/He Leak Testing

Tow & Hook-Up - Deep Sea Installation

How best to set up the organization and management is considered, a planning method is outlined, and the major factors which influence the control of cost and schedule are discussed. These projects involve a multitude of advanced technologies and critical interfaces among complex systems. In this scenario excursion is possible from target coordinates of turret or chain stopper.

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FPSO General Configuration during Mooring Hook up

Allpre-requisitelistingsheets produced. We have accumulated a wealth of experience and information, all captured in a knowledge database, which we can adapt to any site or project that may arise. The systems are separated according to the logical process flow, rather than by a package vendor.

The installation vessel shall be able to fit a studless link hydraulic stopper. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Chain angle measurement gauge shall be prepared.

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