My weather app is not updating, weather widget not working in ios 11 on iphone and ipad how to fix it

From everything I can tell, I have that properly set up. Since this issue occurs right after the update, then we are confident that some files are corrupted during the process. Is the frequency something you can set? This is the older Entune that is compatible with a Prius V.

The water tracking app almost never works either. So, does anyone have it working properly? Since you mentioned that you can play anywhere but facebook. On the Ionic, it just says that I need to set it up in the Fitbit App.

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Weather Widget Not Working on iPhone or iPad

Weather App stopped working

Fix For Weather Widget Not Working on iPhone or iPad

The weather app worked for a week and then quit. It used to be Yahoo, but a recent update changed that. Today it wont sync even though I've synced my phone repeatedly with weather app open and closed.

And if it does sync via Bluetooth on your phone, how often does it sync? It definitely sounds like some sort of data problem related to the Central Time Zone, yes. Mainly, I'm wondering if you can pop into the Weather app, and halfway reliably see what the local temperature is outdoors.

How to Fix Weather Widget Not Working on iOS 12/11

Solved How to get the Weather app to sync - Fitbit Community

You can connect with us directly by filling up this form and provide us the most detailed information about the issue. Once synced with my phone over bluetooth it seems to work as long as i'm connected to my phone. If it only syncs once per hour or less frequent, then I'm not so sure it would be worth the effort. While waiting for their reply, you can try and clear the cache and data of your Facebook app. Hope someone can help or else it's going back!

But rest assured we read every message we receive. In addition, I paired and unpaired, deleted the ionic from the app and re added it. Im having the exact same problem. Nothing but constant headaches.

So it seems to be going back and forth. If this is a minor system glitch then it can be fixed easily and can be avoided in the future. So, no weather for me I guess. Give it a vote if you found this helpful! Right now, dating iphone weather app shows very different results as compared to Weather.

Getting back to Wi-Fi, I have made sure that I'm connected, and I have set it up a couple of times again, just trying to make sure. Perhaps this is a software problem? As per the issue, it seems that the Weather on the computer does not work properly. We are eastern time Marquette, Mi. Mine gives me the weather for Redman Washington over miles away.

How to Make the iPhone Weather App Update on a Mobile Connection

Apple Watch Not Updating Weather App Possible Solutions to Fix the Issue

Please let us know if you face any issue related to Windows and we would be glad to help you. Mine crapped out this morning. It has been going back and forth to correct and incorrect for my location in Missouri.

All settings done accordingly. Alvaro Community Moderator If a post helped you try voting and selecting it as a solution so other members benefit from it. And I definitely have Bluetooth set up. Can someone please provide another solution - I have tried having weather app open on my watch and syncing to phone. When i open in on the Ionic it says sync with the Fitbit app to update.

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Some of our readers experienced this issue and I will tackle it in this post. There is a fix to this issue. It seems to come and go and sometimes it lasts for a long time and sometimes for minutes.

In the few hours since I started writing this up, open relationship dating I notice that the information is now correct. Did this solve your problem? It all started after the update.

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On the app it has no location so I go in to try to get a location and no matter what I enter no cities seem to be available to choose? My mom lives in Louisiana her time and date is off. Every location has its own day and time, even within the same time zone. If a post helped you try voting and selecting it as a solution so other members benefit from it.

It sounds like the problems are manifesting in different ways in different locations, and some of the problems are worse than the others. Just keep the weather app open on your Versa and sync with your phone or computer and it will update the data on your tracker. The last sentence - I'd gladly change the permission if someone would tell me how and what to change them to. As mentioned along this thread.

Problem with Apple Weather app on iOS - Scott Kleinberg

I m having problems with a BBC app - Using the BBC

  • Then you can try and check if the notification for gmail and mail.
  • Also learn how to troubleshoot your phone when this issue occurs.
  • The most obvious reason for this issue is when your device experiences a system glitch or got some corrupt files after a software update or due to other apps.
  • App is synced but watch doesn't update.
  1. If you're connected to the Internet or a network while your antivirus software is disabled, your computer is vulnerable to attacks.
  2. This is limited to this particular data for a very small subset.
  3. However, if you go to the Weather Channel app and enter Chicago, the information is correct.
  4. Watch face temp is still working but my weather app is not.
  5. This is an optional procedure to fix minor glitches and it might save you a trip to bring your device to a tech, they will still perform this procedure anyway.

Weather Widget Not Working in iOS 11 on iPhone and iPad How to Fix It

This has been done multiple times. If you have to temporarily disable it to install other software, you should re-enable it as soon as you're done. Silvia Community Moderator Give it a vote if you found this helpful!

If you change your location and the weather app hasn't updated to the new location, remember that your phone and Ionic must be syncing for this update to occur. Now how do I delete the default town it found? Weather app does not work. Can you please also let me know what's the model of the phone you're syncing with? The first thing that you can do it is to boot your device in Safe mode, it could be a third party causing the issue.

My current location is not being detecte

Weather-app won t update tile - Microsoft Community

In order to get the Weather app working, launch the app and choose the location in the Fitbit app gallery. Closing the Fitbit app on the phone, or the AccuWeather app? The Weather-app is the only one which act like this. All my other app's are updating tiles perfectly. Hope this gets fixed soon.

My weather app is only working when I am synced and connected to the fitbit app on my phone. Note the photo to the left and the time of sunset. Weather App isn't working properly. Maria Community Moderator, best dating sites Fitbit Was my post helpful?

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