Hook up speakers to two receivers, expand the audio from your tv by connecting it to external speakers

How to Connect Audio Speakers to a Receiver
  1. Good luck and enjoy the music!
  2. Each surround sound system will have a slightly different set of instructions detailing the best way to set it up.
  3. There's a single pair of outdoor speakers, but they need more power than indoor speakers.
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  5. Consider multiple volume control boxes for multiple pairs of speakers.
  6. Mismatched equipment is one of the most common factors.

How to power a multi-room music system Find the best options for powering speakers throughout your home. Run wire from each speaker to the receiver. Please remember to be considerate of other members. Please give our advisors a call for some help in choosing a setup that will work best for you. For immediate help, you can contact them via phone or chat.

How to Hook up your Home Theater Receiver to Connect your Surround Sound

Drill a hole low in the wall to run the speaker wire from the inside to the outside. This will also provide a better listening experience, things to do and help minimize noise pollution for your neighbors. Share your experience with Bill Crutchfield. Is there a less expensive way to accomplish my goal without jeopardizing performance?

Speaker hook up

Go to Corporate Sales page. This wire can also withstand elements, which is essential for an outdoor setup. The longer the wire, the more degradation will occur. Eh, dating I'll chance that happening sometime in the next few years. Is this article up to date?

Wiring two receivers to one set of speakers? The Yamaha does not have line-level outputs that you could send to another receiver. Check the documentation for all of your equipment to ensure that everything matches. If you ever need to adjust connections in the future, dating tenerife this will eliminate a lot of guesswork. An industry veteran in the consumer electronics industry and wrote about home audio and home theater systems.

Sharing one set of speakers with two receivers - AVS Forum
How do i hook two receivers together

These provide a much more reliable connection than bare wire, which is essential for outdoor speakers. It lets the electrical current through while keeping out a lot of moisture. Question Matching speakers for my bose subwoofer. Question Suggestions for single or paired garage bluetooth speakers? There are a lot of factors to consider when selecting your equipment and setting everything up.

Again, the volume controls are optional. This is a great option if you have an old receiver you'd like to put to good use. Feel free to get back in touch if we can be of further assistance. Same as having no speaker wires connected with the speaker selector switch turned on, and the volme knob turned up. Other brands may use other types of connectors, but bind posts are very common.

Make sure to seal the hole with silicone to maintain your house's insulation. Jon, I sent your question to our sales team for the best solution. Run your speaker wire from the receiver to the outside area.

How can I take advantage of the spare Sony receiver and send maximum power to each of the home theater speakers. Our day money-back guarantee. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other.

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Also, you need to look at the true power of your speakers. Subwoofer connection to a two-channel system differs from the methods used in home theaters. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Make sure that it is in a sheltered location.

Originally Posted by Zaurusman. This will be a wired system. Setting levels and crossovers could be a bit tricky. Double check all of your connections, and ensure that the black cables are inserted in black clips, while the red cables are inserted in the red clips. All finished with your chat session?

Identifying Inputs and Outputs on a Surround Sound Receiver

My desire is to have it so that I can have sound for the main living area, my upstairs man room and out on the back porch. It helps when sound pans from left to right, and keeps dialog synced with moving mouths on the screen. Walls between the receiver and speaker will shorten the effective range. In other words, to safely and effectively power a speaker system such as you describe, I believe it's going to take more than just a single stereo receiver to do the job. How to hook up with you to vizo wireless headphones.

Since the receiver is a sensitive piece of electronics, you almost always want to set the receiver up indoors. With this arrangement, the stereo speakers and sub receive all of the bass, midrange, and treble frequencies. Mounting your speakers high allows the sound to project much further, which can give you more coverage for less speakers. Most surround sound systems have ports for each speaker that you simply plug the appropriate connector into. The subject of this is Audio and then all the solutions assume there is a home theater involved.

Some older systems have clips that you plug bare speaker wire into. You can't unless you have a set of speakers to go with it. Only mount speakers on solid wood or masonry. How can we help you today?

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Expand the audio from your TV by connecting it to external speakers

Either way, is it possible to wire two receivers into one set of speakers somehow that won't risk damaging the passive receiver when you turn on the other one? Raise the surround channel speakers. This means the speakers get less power, but it will be safer. My receivers would shut down.

Can I Make One Set of Speakers Serve Two Receivers

How to hook up a subwoofer to a stereo system

Once reported, our moderators will be notified and the post will be reviewed. If you don't have the proper cables, you can find them online or in tech department stores. Set up the receiver indoors. Exclude your subwoofer from this process unless otherwise directed by the manual.

Connecting 2 A/V receivers - January - Forums

After that, dating you'll find some navigation links at the bottom of every page allowing you to continue to the next page in the How-To or select any page via in the how-to via a drop-down box. Online is usually cheaper. Read your surround sound system's manual.

You can hook up a full nine-channel surround sound system, plus stereo speakers in another room. Can I hook up two sets of speakers off the same post. Continue reading below to learn how to hook up your surround sound receiver.

  • You can use older connectors e.
  • Oh, and you may have to play with your crossovers since the.
  • How loud will you play your music in each room?
  • Hook it up according to Tony's directions and you won't fry your amp, but you would in a parallel connection.
  • What receiver or amp do i need to buy to make this work.

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Yoiu might get a pretty light show for a few minutes but your neighbors and your friendly neighborhood fire department might not like you. Mount according to the instructions. Would it be possible to have different music play in different rooms? With your setup, some of the speakers are being amplified by the second receiver and some are being amplified by the first one.

How to hook up 2 receivers for more power

Question Is my left speaker working properly? Typically in an installation, you can setup multiple zones with your speakers. Once the wire is stripped, unscrew the end of the banana plug and slip the exposed wire into the end. Also the sub would need to have a speaker output that can run to a set of speakers or a sound bar with a built in amp that have an input the same as the output as the sub.

Connecting 2 A/V receivers

Try to move the speaker closer to the receiver and then shorten the wire, or run newer, lower-gauge wire. This will continue until you shut off the source or until you shut off the receiver. Optical audio is the newest and clearest type of audio, and most modern receivers support it. Run the speaker wire to the volume control box, and then run a second wire from the box to the speakers.

Identifying Inputs and Outputs on a Surround Sound Receiver

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