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This form has been documented in books and literature about Zsolnay over the years. An organic form Zsolnay Pitcher. The Eosin glazes include green, gold, red, blue, and purple. Close by is another sepulchral early-Christian building that has no equivalent in the Danube region.

This glaze is an excellent example from a factory whose specialty was metallic glazes. Email us at drawrm hotmail. We believe that this form number relates to the Architectural Form Books of the factory.

Zsolnay pottery

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Zsolnay pottery

There are repairs to the base. The glaze is a pale slightly streaked green with ochre undertones. This vase appears from time to time with this glaze shown as good as it gets. That chamber below has three marble sarcophagi and walls that are adorned with frescoes that have stood the test of time.

This form we believe was originally cast in Gres, a very heavy stone like material. Though we believed that many of this form were produced, we know of no other pair in private or public collections. Glaze in the style of Loetz Papillon glass.

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Zsolnay Pottery History and Dating

From there it traveled to the United States. Artist, craftsman, leo man and painter. The background is a very metallic blue Eosin with the Geranium leaves a very faint Green Eosin with predominant ochre colors. The bills of each duck have been restored. Severe Vienna Secession Style.

  • Under his direction, the factory reached its peak of international success.
  • Zsolnay in his finest Hungarian Noblemans Regalia.
  • No restorations or overpainting.
  • Earthenware with acid-etched surface.
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The only marks are the incised factory form number. With small interruptions, he was employed by the Zsolnay Factory as an artist-craftsman and sculpture. Louis Exhibition and I would believe that Zsolnay possibly brought similar examples as this one to that exhibition. This form pre-dates Tom of Finland by decades, yet the sculpture could have been a model for Tom's style, which was to become his trademark.

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This portrait bust depicts Mr. The Gold Eosin is very reflective and glows when viewed across a room at a distance. On the route are galleries, restaurants, cafes, with terraces under awnings and neatly clipped lime trees.

This example does not have the acorn mark for Lajos Mack. With a resurgence in interest in Art Nouveau Decorative Arts, Zsolnay prices are well within the range of the best period Nouveau antiques. Marbled and Eosin and glazes are used to color circles, triangles and Secession stylized decorations. Hand drawn circular factory mark.

Colorful flowers and bare branch trees cover the surface with a black background. One is marked with the factory incised mark and the numbers which is a form number from the Architectural Form Books. Miklos and he was the son of Vilmos Zsolnay. The over color photos detail Zsolnay by size, form number, free dating site phone date of production and current market value.

In the Byzantine Romanesque Revival Style. The material is Pyrogranite with blue, green and lavander and gold Eosin Glazes. The center of the tulip where the top hole has a flake about. Spending tens of thousands of dollars on a single Zsolnay vase is not for the casual collector. The flowers are very red ranging from bright to dark maroon.

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Vilmos Zsolnay got the Legion of Honour. Well defined yet subtle metallic Eosin colors highlight this decor. Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn.

He along with the Zsolnay Factory exhibit at the St. Gres with raised Eosin Acid Etched Decoration of a landscape. Click here to see an archival of Zsolnay sold over the years from our Newport Gallery.

Pottery Mark Query - Foreign Writing With Factory and Chimneys

Probably part of a larger ensemble and because the material is frost resistent Pyrogranite, it was probably used as an exterior decoration. Green, gold, blue eosin glazes and majolica glazes used for the duck bills and feet. The glaze on this small pitcher is about as fine as was produced at the Zsolnay factory. Four ducks surround the cachepot walking through reeds and river plants.

Form dating the form to - however the painted Zsolnay Factory mark indicate that this is a restrike. Offering some of the finest example of Zsolnay in the market today. East of the historic centre, a whole cultural and recreational district has been set up around the renovated previously disused Zsolnay factory buildings. Form with a production year the last year he worked at the Zsolnay Factory.

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  1. Our Personal Zsolnay Journey.
  2. The liquidity the ability to quickly sell of any decorative arts purchased as an investment should be looked at as a long term investment.
  3. Three circles depict a cat encircled by silver eosin dots.
  4. It is recorded that experiments had been going on by Vilmos Zsolnay since the s but only in was there any real commercial production success with the first colour, red to be produced.
  5. Despite its condition, this is a rare form of which we know of no comparison.

Also worthwhile is a whole room of ceramics that Vilmos Zsolnay brought back from his travels in Egypt and Persia. Zsolnay Items sold from our gallery. Each candelabra hold three over sized candles. This is a reduction glaze that has a glassy iridescence and depth much like Tiffany glass which became and still remains the most popular trademark of the Zsolnay factory. The Shepard holds a rifle, which rests on the base, between his hands.

Dating zsolnay pecs

The Janus Pannonius Museum in Pecs has less than half a dozen of these figures. From the Zsolnay Factory in Pecs Hungary. He was a member of the Upper House of the Hungarian Parliament.

This is late production for the factory. The inside of this bowl must have been used to hold personal temporary objects and shows some scuffing. Production of this decor is extremely rare and few examples come on the market today.

This is a highly rare zsolnay item. An Art Nouveau Zsolnay Cachepot. Buying period Art Nouveau Zsolnay as an investment is a question that is frequently asked of us by collectors and potential collectors.

The building has Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and neo-Romanesque architecture, as well as vestiges from Ottoman times when it became a warehouse. The clay body is very heavy. We recommend that one should shop around, buy books about Zsolnay there are a number in the market place today and visit galleries that specialize in Zsolnay Pottery. Lusterous metallic blue Eosin glaze highlight the base with pale ochre colors along the handle and spout with hints of blue Eosin throughout. We have had this form a few times over the years and this one seems to be more crisp showing details, especially the muscles of the pan figure.

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