Dating a singer 401a, singer singers sewing machines

The hand wheel was frozen, so the needle wouldn't move up or down. Cosmetically it's in good shape, but I noticed the green goo on the terminal prongs exactly like in this post. The first machine was very overbuilt, with a motor, tension assembly, bakelite cord connectors, bronze bearings and heavily chromed screws on the face of the machine.

Singer Singers Sewing machines

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Singer Sewing Machine Serial Number Database

Steven's granddaughter learned how to sew on a A and every time she visits from California she mentions that. Now I know how to get the cams to move a bit better after reading this. One more day till I drive clear past Rochester to get the treadle! That's a cute machine too. True to A reputation, man sagittarius the stitch selector knobs were stuck.

The following website probably will help in dating the machine. This was also the last year of manufacturing for the Singer and Featherweights in the United States. Hi can someone help me with finding pressure feet or the original pressure feet and manual for my singer a? Singer will issue an acknowledgement certificate that you can print out with your name, serial number and year of issue for all Singer model sewing machines.

Your serial number is located on the left hand side where the arrow is pointing! The machine is in top running condition. The A is the by far, my favorite vintage sewing machine.

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Dating a singer 401a

The other one behind it turns find. My mom ran out and bought one immediatedly! Love the vintage machines. They searched every room and found her sewing machine hadn't been unplugged after she used it last, dumb dating sites and it was smoldering. This is not completely accurate!

Vintage Sewing Machines Singer a

Now, blonde furniture hasn't been in style for quite a few years, so, if it was not just an empty cabinet, this held some promise of a vintage sewing machine. It is in the original cabinet and still going strong. The guy had several vintage machines up on the wall and we got to talking. In its original cabinet with bench. If I saw that I'd be worried that it was somehow leaking from inside the machine, though there doesn't seem to be grease where the terminals meet the plastic.

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Dating a singer 401a
My Sewing Machine Obsession Singer A

Singer Slant-O-Matic Sewing Machine

That's all, nothing more and nothing less! Rain, Good to have you back. Love the side by side photos.

After digging in the drawers and what I found were some patterns from the same era that are still good enough to still use. You can use the lists for private use. So good to see your post again! You've inspired me to take on repairs I never would have otherwise, asian dating free online and I've learned so much.

Runs perfectly if anyones interested. For a second I thought your subtitle was going to roll into a Technologic parody, but I'm fine that it didn't. Bernina stipulated that the machine could in no way resemble their machine. The original tan box with barely touched manual. Do you have any ideas except lots of oil?

Thank God, you, Elizabeth and a few other knowledgeable souls have shared your experience! It has worked well for us! And they too may have a file of the owner's manual. Any ideas on a estimated monetary value of her gift?

What I like about it for the new sewer is you push the lever up for reverse. Hi the green is called verdigris it is result caused of copper exposure to acid compounds. Here's my question, where can I find a reliable history on this machine?

Do you know a source for bobbins that will fit? Don't toss that top as it will help keep the dust off your machine. It's been a big learning curve just to gather materials to start working on these old beauties.

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  1. Hope it is as good as the photo looks.
  2. The simple answer is they don't know themselves.
  3. There is not a Singer Vintage sewing machines that has an actual date it was made, only allotted.
  4. It is synthetic and has teflon suspended in it.
  • Other information may include original purchase receipts, instruction manual copyright date and revised dates, pictures, other owner information.
  • Hi Joe, do you still have your Mom's a?
  • Then gentle persuasion got them to move.
  • Please email me at chelseahearon gmail.
  • Also the rubber wheel on the bobbin winder was cracked.

Paper needle packages that have never been used. On the way to my hotel in Durham, I passed a Singer-branded sewing store at a shopping center, so I had to pull in. Dido that, good to hear from you again. As I stated before, the was an expensive venture for the Singer company. The K-Special knob took a bit more persuading.

You can always print a hard copy from there once you have previewed it. The new Singer slant-needle straight stitch sewing machine is now being manufactured and sold in the United States. Glad to see you back in blog land. It was in remarkably good shape except the case was shipped without the bottom and the case top got broken. You do not have to hold a button.

Comprehensive Singer Serial Number Database

All the attachments are still in the box. And now you're back, and I find out that we live in the same part of town and like the same brand of peanut butter! Speaking of pricey machines, I recently went to North Carolina for a work training session. What is the odds of finding a bottom, right, not good.

Yard sales might be a good place too look or try FreeCycle. The motor is strong and fast! Elizabeth, I have one of these. And the case for the featherweight stinks! The database includes, model, color, serial number, short or long bed, original purchase receipts, instruction manual copyright date and revised dates, are we dating are we other owner information.


For most owners of any Slant-needle model this will be incorrect. Thank Goodness she brought her machine to you. Trolling through the only thrift store in town, I spotted a blonde - not a female, I'm too old for that - this was a blonde sewing machine cabinet. If they hadn't returned when they did, their house would have burned.

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