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They are suggesting that the engine may also have hurt the lap times, providing less torque midrange than its lb-ft rating may suggest. It always acts like the automotive jock it is, every mile of every day. While the torque range may be weaker than expected, it is still plenty.

Indeed, they had nothing but good things to say abut it. Reply to this topic Start new topic. The engine sounded flatulent, the shifter was clunky, and the Dodge wanted to understeer everywhere. In the past year, we've been looking for a reasonable facsimile of the German test track, somewhere not miles from our Ann Arbor headquarters. The first thing to keep in mind is safety.

Lightning Lap 2006

Mastering this car was challenging and satisfying, but drivers needed to be on their game. But as noted earlier, there were some very quick cars at this Lightning Lap.

Originally Posted by Machina. The racetrack result is lifeboat body roll, mulish understeer, reluctant transient response, and vague steering feel. When do you have time to read with all the sex you have? Originally Posted by Barbie When do you have time to read with all the sex you have? Robert Hall replied to Random Thoughts Thread.

Once we got comfortable with the car, we turned off the system and our laps times got about a second quicker. Originally Posted by Barbie. The Evo managed to combine quick turn-in behavior with a nicely planted feel in the corners. Thinking that the degree heat had sapped its energy, we gave the Shelby another shot later in the day, but the power loss felt even more pronounced, and its laps slowed. It is kind of bittersweet for me though.

But for the rest of us, this may just be the prettiest ever made. The Lotus was the Ginsu of the test, methodically knifing through corners and transitions, offering telepathic steering and fantastic brake feel. In their review, they said the car has too much rear end grip, which is unsurprising considering the Torsen differential, wide rear wheels and staggered tire setup.

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The driver cycled through the cars, running a session of three to five laps in each. With the stability- and traction-control systems off, it loved sideways action, whether the driver lifted at the entrance to a corner or was flooring it out the exit. During a no-lift-shift, the driver shifts normally by depressing the clutch, driver for canon irc1028 but the accelerator pedal is held wide open. People have seemed to forgotten real cars are meant to be driven and pushed to their extremes by a driver not by itself.

The lane-change exercise, part of our comparison-test regimen, provides insight to this ability, but Lightning Lap delivers an indelible blueprint. Overall though, I think it was a great Lightning Lap. You see, I love the Lightning Lap feature.

Chevrolet Cobalt SS

Car and driver lightning lap cobalt ss

The Lightning Lap can bring just as much shame and disappointment as it can pride for cars that fail to meet their expectations. Mugen Si Great job by the Cobalt. Gobs of power from the new engine and an optional limited-slip diff allowed the Cobalt to take most of the track in third gear. Turbocharged Cobalt owners have found that better times can be achieved while racing when the car is manually launched. The Mustang was actually a couple mph quicker than the Cobalt on the straightaways, but the Ford suffered from weak brakes and a floppy chassis.

The Cobalt was also the most settled of the three, with excellent body control through the high-speed esses. Nor was the pedal feel very firm. The Z was as gutsy as the Evo, and its thrust was of the naturally aspirated variety with, naturally, no turbo lag. The sound and driving experience are world class and I suspect it should have no problem shaving a couple of seconds off its time with simple modifications.

On the plus side, cornering grip and balance were decent. How do you measure a car's overall performance, its ability to cover ground quickly and safely? Consequently, these coupes needed to be driven on a precise line with late apexes and considerable patience before the power was applied to exit the corner. And the Dodge features neither launch control nor no-lift shifting.